My second co-write with Don Henry


When you’re ready

verse 1
when you ready ill be there
in your own good time know that I’m your easy chair
i might not have the answers that you wanna hear
ill be glad to listen and let you steer
when you’re ready let me know ill be there

verse 2
when you’re ready I’ll be around
when the wolves are at the door and your floors a shaky ground
when shadows overcome you and you slip through the cracks
You’ve got my number, I’ve got your back
when you’re ready, let me know, I’ll be around.

When you’re wearing out your shoes, running from the blues
acting like a goon howling at the moon
those silly games you play wasted at the bar
no matter what they sa
i know who you really are

verse 3
when you’re ready I’ll be here
don’t let pride break your stride
and feed your fear
it’s hard to see you hurting, I know how that goes
if you need to share your burden, I need you to know .…..
when you’re ready, when you’re ready
when you’re ready let me know, ill be there