Parallel waterfalls is my first ever Nashville co-write with Grammy award winner Don Henry


Parallel waterfalls (Simon murphy and Don Henry)

Hey so they say the world’s a stage
before I met her, I felt like my little world was a rehearsal space
I was running around, in a shifting scene
living from beer to beer, girl to girl, dream to dream
I was doing ok
Parallel waterfalls calling me home

She was twisting in the wind
drifting on the sea, she felt like her 9 to 5 was a worthwhile grind
She was levelling out, somewhere in-between
living from cheque to cheque, book to book, dream to dream
She was happy enough
Parallel waterfalls calling her home

In the blinking of an eyes two world’s collide
In the shimmer of summer’s dream we fell in love by the stream

Now in a cottage by the brook
where the daffodils all bloom
and a weather beaten mossy path meanders to a cliff
where the waterfall spills- peaceful and serene
we’re living heart to heart, friend to friend, dream to dream
we’ve been cleansed by the…..

Parallel waterfalls calling us home
Parallel waterfalls, we call home