Gary Burr introduced me to Sean and this was the first track we wrote in Nashville, aided by a quick Skype session to finish up the last verse. Sean is one of the best young writers in Nashville and makes every idea I come up with even better.


Broke the bank on that first payment
left an empty nest and a hole in my mother’s heart
The half moonlight was dancing on the for sale sign
it’s the last night in this house of mine
On our blind date she came in through the side door
I wasn’t sure just what she was looking for
spun her favourite record, and we shared our first dance
Ten years on, I’m still dancing with her
If these walls could talk, they’d tell a thousand stories
memories hang in the air like perfume
And it’s high time that we take the low road
there’s so much left in this empty room

My best friend helped me move, he was always the strong one
We split a bottle a wine before I even had a tv
but then the cancer took him back in ’98
I kept a picture of him sat on the mantlepiece
6am the dew is sparkling on the grass,
she took her first steps under the oak tree
my role is changing in so many different ways
only ten months old, she is guiding me

Time to go