I have been so lucky to be able to write with song of the best songwriters not only in Nashville, but in the whole world. Buddy has worked with Nanci Griffiths, Guy Clark and Art Garfunkel.


The open window (Simon murphy and Buddy Mondlock)

He’s just walked through the door
there was no slam, no rush of air
no pressure wave, just an absence there
She’s rooted to the floor
like she’ll never move again from here
still the last kiss was sour like beer

and what was all this for

He bent the truth with a welding torch
sang drunken songs on her front porch
Her mother hated him of course
Now we’re getting somewhere

Feels like she was raised by wolves
wearing sheep’s clothing, part of the flock
the good shepherd led her round the block
Now she’s breaking all the rules
Doing pot and yoga and belly dancing
twenty seven and still no ring

and she’s dating drunken fools

throwing her heart off a bridge
Helluva way to learn how to swim
truth is she’s a pretty good kid
just finding her own way

He’s just walked through the door
There was no slam, no rush of air
Just a window opening somewhere